15 Cute Crafts for Kids That Make Perfect Gifts for Their Grandparents

Did you know that National Grandparents’ Day is coming up on September 13th? I thought it would be fun to share some cute crafts for kids that make perfect gifts for the special day. Of course, you can make them any time of the year. They’re also perfect for the upcoming holidays!

With Grandparents Day coming up, I'm sharing some super cute crafts for kids that make perfect handmade gifts for the special day! They’re also perfect for other upcoming holidays, of course. Take a look!

Cute Crafts for Kids That Make Perfect Gifts for Their Grandparents

This year has been really tough on grandparents and grandchildren. Whether you live a thousand miles away from or right next door to your parents, I’m betting your kids didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with grandma and grandpa. These easy crafts give kids a chance to make something special that says, “Even though we’re not together, I am thinking about you!” FYI, these also make adorable Mother’s Day gifts, too!

You may need to help little kids with some of the ideas, but they can do most of the work on their own. Besides, it’ll give you something fun to do together! For the most part, you should have everything on hand to make these crafts. I didn’t pick anything with crazy supplies that require a trip to a specialty store, I promise.

1. DIY Yarn Hearts

With simple items like cardboard, glue, and yarn, kids can create an adorable way to say, “I love you.” At most, you may need to help kids cut out the heart shape. Beyond that, they can do everything on their own.

Yarn hearts crafts for kids to make

See how to make it on Drugstore Diva

2. Kawaii Rainbow Craft

Remind grandma and grandpa that there’s a rainbow waiting at the end of this stormy year with this simple idea. Younger kids may need help with the sewing. Also, if you don’t happen to have polyfill on hand, you can always stuff it with recycled newspaper or cotton balls. It doesn’t need a whole lot of stuffing.

Kawaii Rainbow Craft

Grab the tutorial on Creatively Beth.


3. DIY Scented Sachet

This one is such a cute and easy idea for grandparents who love potpourri. You’ll just need rice, essential oils, and a reusable tea bag. Or, you can make a bag with lacy material or anything else that will release the scent.

You will need to help out if your kids are little since they shouldn’t handle undiluted essential oils. Let them choose the scent, then while you’re mixing up the filling, they can decorate the bag. Teenagers can make the whole thing on their own, though!

See how to make these scented sachets


4. All About My Grandma Interview (Free Printables)

The only thing you need for this cute idea is paper and a printer with color ink. If you don’t have one, kids can also make a completely handwritten version.

Put a fun twist on it by letting your kids fill it out with what they think are the right answers. Grandma will get a kick out of it! A friend did it that way and the results were hilariously adorable.

All About My Grandma Interview (Free Printables)

Grab the free printables over on Where the Smiles Have Been

5. Flower Kindness Craft

While this one was originally made as a kindness craft for kids to share with their friends, you can easily modify it as a sweet Grandparents’ Day gift. Just put “Grandma” or “Grandpa” (make one for each) in the center. Then, ask your kids to write or draw words to describe them.

Flower Kindness Craft

Get the how-to over on Coffee and Carpool

6. Homemade Chocolate

Would you believe that these homemade chocolates only use three ingredients? You may need to help your kids with the mixer, but other than that there’s no reason they can’t make them on their own.  Not only do they make great a Grandparents Day’ gift, but they’re also a fun way to teach your kids some kitchen skills.

Of course this one is best for grandparents who live close by. Chocolate just doesn’t ship well, especially with so many postal delays lately.


Get the homemade chocolate recipe here.

7. Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are so popular right now for a good reason- they’re inexpensive (virtually free, if you have paint on hand) and so versatile, plus they last forever! Kids can paint anything they want on the rocks, but I thought these watermelons were just adorable.

See how to make them over on Projects With Kids

8. Popsicle Stick Weaving Craft

Grab some colorful yarn and popsicle sticks for this one. It’s super simple for kids of all ages and holds up during shipping. Plus, it teaches fine motor skills. If your kids’ grandparents live close by, you can even use larger sticks from your backyard for a mega-sized version.

Popsicle Stick Weaving Craft

Get the tutorial on Pretty Opinionated

9. Colorful Friendship Bracelets

Keep that yarn out from the last craft, you’ll need it to make these colorful little bracelets. Other than that, you’ll just need a piece of cardboard to make the loom, some scissors, and a template. Bonus- they’re super lightweight, so you can pop them in a standard envelope to ship to grandma and grandpa.

Colorful Friendship Bracelets

Grab the instructions over on Red Ted Art

10. Thumbprint Bookmark

If your kids’ grandparents love to read, they’ll adore this super cute thumbprint bookmark. All it takes is paint, paper, and a pipe cleaner. If you don’t have the last one, you can also use yarn.  I love it because even toddlers can help make it. You’ll do the cutting; they’ll do the thumbprint stamping.

Thumbprint Bookmark

Get the tutorial over on Growing Up Gabel

11. Acorn Handprint Kitchen Towels

If you have some extra white hand towels in your linen closet, use them to make grandma this adorable gift for Grandparent’s Day!  Just change “mom” to “grandma,” or anything else your kids want to write. She’ll think of them every time she’s in the kitchen.

Acorn Handprint Kitchen Towels

Get the tutorial on Creative Green Living

12.  Rainbow Handprint Silhouette

Handprint crafts are among my favorites to give as gifts. It’s just so fun to look back on them years down the road and remember how little our kids were. Grandparents who don’t get to see their grandkids often will especially love them. If you don’t have a picture frame handy, you can create your own matting for it with cardboard.

Rainbow Handprint Silhouette

Learn how to make it on Pint Sized Treasures

13. Colorful Rain Art

For this one, you’ll have to wait until a rainy day. I live in Florida, so that’s pretty much every day in the summer, though! ???? You can also just use a spray bottle with water if you happen to live in a dry area. Other than some form of water, you’ll just need paper and markers. It’s such a creative idea, and kids will really love getting to play in the rain!

Colorful Rain Art

Get the tutorial on Mama to 5 Blessings.

14. Tissue Paper Flowers

This one is a bit trickier to send in the mail, so it’s best for grandparents who live close by. You may need to cut out the circles for your kids and show them how to make the first one, but after that, they can do it on their own. Grandparents will love this sweet handmade bouquet, and they definitely last a lot longer than real flowers.

Tissue Paper Flowers

See how to make them on Momma Lew.

15. Recycled Ladybug Plant Holder with Handprint Wings

I really wanted to include a cute flowerpot craft on this list for kids to make for grandparents who love to garden. However, I didn’t want to assume that you have a spare planter sitting around the house, and I really wanted to avoid sending you off to the store.

Then I saw this one! It uses a recycled tin can along with other basic craft supplies. You’ll have to add the drainage holes, but kids of all ages can do the rest.

Recycled Ladybug Plant Holder with Handprint Wings

Get the tutorial over on Fun Handprint Art Blog.

I hope you enjoy these fun crafts for kids! They’re all such sweet ideas for Grandparents Day’ gifts, aren’t they? Whatever your kids decide to make, grandma and grandpa will love it because it came from their grandchildren’s hearts. There’s nothing more special than that!


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