“We were struggling financially, spiritually and in all kinds of different ways. We were looking for a way to get out of the bondage we were in. We were looking to learn what a Biblical fatestimonialstestimonialstestimonialsmily is supposed to be like. So now we’re becoming Family Coaches. It’s good to give back some of what I learned and in just a year’s time the way we’ve changed is more than a miracle.”


“This class provided much needed guidance for us as we are newly married and becoming parents for the first time. We are now spending more time praying together and seeking God’s will and purpose for our lives and our soon to be born daughter.”


“The experience of leading the Birth of a Family class has been very fulfilling. God has touched our heart through this. When we were making our decision to move forward (as facilitators) the enemy threw doubts and roadblocks in our way. The week we were to make our decision our pastor preached on being called to ministry and carefully discerning God’s will from the attacks of the enemy. Thank You Lord for that sermon!”


“A Woman’s Choice has had to the opportunity to work with Family God’s Way for more than a year now through their Birth of A Family Program. In our experience we can offer nothing more than completely positive support for their programs and their staff. As a partner with them in ministry, and a student of their methods for promoting and teaching family, I offer my full support for their organization, their staff, and their request for this grant. I am confident that any funds they receive will be used wisely to continue the good work God has called them to do, which will have a lasting and eternal impact on the men, women and children in our communities.”


“As Executive Director of this pregnancy resource center I desired a program that would involve the fathers of our client’s babies. The idea was to teach these new parents or parents-to-be how to establish a biblical household and in the process learn life skills that would encourage good communicating and parenting."


“When you get to be my age, and have been in churches as long as I have, you’ve seen all types of programs to be the ‘fix’. I must admit, I am not much of a joiner and had mixed emotions. I know what the Bible says about my role as a father and husband. Boy was I surprised. Even though my children are grown, I was very impressed with the practical application of the Word of God. This put wheels on the Word of God for me in ways I never would have thought.”

“This class has taught me to not only be a good father and husband but to be a Godly man and to put God in my relationship and into how I treat my kids. To lead my household in love and strength and not in fear. I have also been able to share what I’ve been learning with other close to me like my brother. I have been able to help him walk as a Godly man and to be a better husband and father.”
–Andrew Vasquez


“When we came to Choices Women’s Center, we were scared about being pregnant and were feeling pr essured to have an abortion. We were overwhelmed with fear and joy when the ultrasound revealed twins. We are so thankful that we made the choice for life and to become a family! Through the Birth of a Family classes, we learned the importance of marriage and how God makes a difference in your life and building a family. We both committed our hearts to Chirst and are now engaged, and plan to get married soon! We appreciate the support we have received from the staff and volunteers. When our families were distant, Choices was able to be our support system.”

–Niomi, Brian, and twins, Sebastian & Santia