The Real Issue

When a woman comes to pregnancy resource center, is the real issue pregnancy?  Is pregnancy really a crisis? Pregnancy isn't a problem; it's a gift from God according to His Word. So what's the real crisis? What is the real issue?

Isn't the real issue the context in which these pregnancies are occurring? Within the context of a Biblical household, pregnancy is celebrated. The issue isn't pregnancy. It's family.

Pregnancy is the birth of a family.  Women don’t get pregnant; fathers and mothers do. Conception creates an unbreakable union between one man, one woman and their children. It has always been and will always be a package deal.  Fathers and mothers who realize their pregnancy is the birth of a family will respond differently.

•The sanctity of human life will be honored

•The hearts of fathers will turn to their families

•Biblical covenant marriage will be honored

 To Be or Not to Be

 ‘To be a parent, or not to be’, that is the question.  Or, at least, that is the question many pregnancy resource center clients are asking.

Beyond the biological, what is conception?  Conception is the advent of parenthood.  Can people procreate without becoming parents?  Once conception occurs, parents can’t choose whether they will be parents or not. They are parents. What many of these parents are really asking is, ‘Will we permit our children to live and if we do, what kind of parents will we be?’ 

Conception is family.  Conception is the inseparable joining of at least three people.  It is a relationship that cannot be undone.  Once a father, always a father.  Once a mother, always a mother. Parents aren’t just birthing babies, they are birthing families. 

Since the 1980s, birth rates in the United States have remained relatively the same while at the same time, single parenting, cohabitation, divorce, and out-of-wedlock childbirth have all sharply risen.  These individuals are finding themselves stuck in a cycle that is exponentially self-compounding. By helping life ministry clients understand their inextricable involvement in the family cycle and by helping them found and grow Biblical relationships and lifestyles, we can positively impact family cycles today and in future generations. 

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