Discovering the Marvels of Epsom Salt Baths: 10 Incredible Health Benefits

Find out these 10 amazing Epsom salt baths health benefits that will boost your immune systems and keep you healthy and strong. Epsom salt baths, also known as detox baths, are really amazing and offer many health benefits. Great for kids and adults. Epsom salts also help kids sleep better (the salts have calming effects), and fight colds in a natural way.

Epsom Salt Baths Health Benefits

Amazing Epsom Salt Baths Health Benefits For Kids and Adults

I love giving my kids Epsom salt baths. The goal is to give them this type of detox bath once a week to protect them from getting sick and boost their immune systems. The Epsom salt in detox baths makes my children feel better and helps maintain a good amount of magnesium in their bodies.

If you follow my blog you will know I am a huge believer in natural remedies. I believe that a healthy lifestyle will make a great impact on my kids’ future health. This is why I cook at home with healthy ingredients. Nutrition is very important. And so are natural remedies. This is why I am sharing this post. I want to show you powerful and amazing Epsom salt health benefits for kids.

Magnesium is a wonderful mineral that is essential to our overall health. But most of us are deficient in this important nutrient. Magnesium is one of the most depleted minerals in our soil so the foods of today have much less than in our grandmother’s day. Epsom salts help maintain a good level of magnesium and can help with your overall health.

Give it try. Take a calming and relaxing Epsom salt bath yourself. Absorb this wonderful mineral and feel recharged, energized, and most importantly, feel healthier. This bath will detox your body from unwanted chemicals you are exposed to every day and help you relax.  Magnesium is a miracle mineral and has calming effects! Sleep better, feel better, and take some time for yourself taking this amazing bath.

5 Amazing Epsom Salt Health Benefits For Kids

5  Amazing Benefits Of Epsom Salts

From fighting off the nasty symptoms of the common cold to soothing tired and achy muscles, these are just some of the wonderful benefits of Epsom salts!

1.  Fight Colds Fast

At the first signs of a cold, I give my kids a good and relaxing Epsom salt bath. This is our best and most effective way to fight a cold or flu. It really works for us. All you need is 1/2 cup of Epsom salt, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda (*Optional. To help promote the elimination of toxins and clean unfiltered water). If your child is over 60 pounds or for adults, use 1 cup. If you want full details, please see How To Kick Colds Fast With A Detox Bath.

2. Promote Better Sleep

Another great Epsom salt health benefit. It helps kids relax and sleep better. Magnesium is such a wonderful mineral that not only strengthens the immune system but also has calming effects. Works wonders for me as well. When I take this bath before bedtime I can definitely rest better.  If you are having problems with your kids’ sleeping routine, please also see 5 Tips For Helping Children Fall Asleep Faster And Sleep Better.

3. Get Rid Of Toxins

Detox baths will clean the body and get rid of toxins you are exposed to every day. This translates into a stronger immune system. think about it. It is like cleansing yourself of unwanted chemicals.  If you vaccinate your kids, this is a great way to get all the nasty ingredients used in vaccines that accumulate in the body and will stay there if nothing is done to expel them. If you want more information, please see 5 Easy Ways To Detox From Vaccine Toxins And Heavy Metals.

4. Relieve Irritability and Stress

Magnesium is really a miracle mineral that regulates the nervous system and may help prevent stress, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, and irritability. Do you know how your child can be moody and irritable after a long day? Epsom salt baths are perfect to calm them down! Magnesium can also be great for anxiety in adults. Many of us adults are deficient in magnesium and that can have serious negative effects on our bodies. If you want to learn more, please see How I Decided To Deal With Anxiety Naturally.

5. Improve Focus And Brain Activity

Bath salts will also help them be more alert and focus more. A proper level of magnesium will regulate brain function. Some experts believe that children with ADHD may have a mild magnesium deficiency. In one preliminary study of 75 magnesium-deficient children with ADHD, those who received magnesium supplements showed an improvement in behavior compared to those who did not receive the supplements.

6. May improve athletic performance

While, so far, no scientific studies back up this claim, many athletes claim that taking Epsom salt baths helps improve their performance. If you think about it, it makes sense. Magnesium helps relieve muscle aches, that much we know is true. And we know that looser muscles translate to better performance on the field, right? So, if your kid is nervous about a big game, an Epsom salt bath can’t hurt. At the very least, it’ll relieve some stress!

7. Reducing bee sting pain

The magnesium in Epsom salt helps relieve inflammation, which makes it a great remedy for bee stings (or stings from wasps, hornets, etc). You don’t have to run a whole big bath to use Epsom salts for stings, though. You can just make a compress by combining a few tablespoons of Epsom with some cool water. Soak a clean washcloth in the solution, then apply it directly to the sting.

Homemade bee sting remedy using Epsom salts

8. A safer headache remedy

Kids get headaches just as often as adults do, but their treatment options are far more limited. First, aspirin is completely off the table. We also need to be very careful with how much Tylenol we give our children. Motrin may be safer overall, but it’s not really the most effective migraine remedy in my opinion.

Magnesium, however, isn’t just a safer remedy, it’s also proven to work well for headaches. Now honestly, an Epsom salt bath isn’t going to deliver enough magnesium to combat a really awful migraine. However, I’ve found it quite effective at treating milder headaches. I like to add a little peppermint essential oil to the water to really boost its soothing power.

9. Soothing dry skin

If your kids (or you!) are dealing with dry skin, try this. Run a warm bath (NOT super hot), and add 3 cups of Epsom salt. Then, mix in a little sweet almond oil (olive or coconut oil also works well). Start with about 1/8 cup. If you feel like it’s not making a difference, add a tablespoon at a time until the water feels “silky.”

The combination really helps soothe dry skin. Just be very careful getting out of the tub because it WILL be slippery. If your kids have REALLY dry skin, you can even throw some chamomile tea bags into the mix. Of course, you can also use chamomile essential oil or dried herbs, but the tea bags are a lot easier to clean up.

10. Treating sunburns

Even if you’re absolutely meticulous about applying sunscreen, sunburns can still happen. A cool Epsom salt bath can help relieve the initial pain and inflammation. You can also make a soothing spray by combining Epsom and filtered water into a spray bottle. I like to start with the bath, though, then use aloe to treat the spots that took the brunt of the sun’s rays.

The magnesium in Epsom salt baths can help your children feel better, sleep better, and even perform better in school.  Give it a try and see how great they are! I also recommend a great multivitamin called Natural Vitality Calm Specifics Kids, which has added magnesium. I also give my kids a natural and raw probiotic blend. What I do is add the supplements to their morning smoothies. And my kids rarely get sick!

5 Amazing Epsom Salt Health Benefits For Kids

A detox bath with Epsom salts will bring many health benefits to your family, there’s really no doubt about that. I highly recommend you give it a try yourself. Take some time at night just for you and your bath. It will be a great way to relax, re-charge, and disconnect for a little while. You will enjoy it so much, I promise!

Can children take Epsom salt baths?

Yes, Epsom salt baths are considered safe for kids, as long as you follow basic bath safety guidelines and stick with high-quality salts from a reputable source. However, if your child has a medical condition, it’s always best to talk to your pediatrician first.

Are Epsom salt baths safe for babies?

Typically, yes, Epsom salt baths are safe for babies. However, since there’s so much more room for error when giving an infant a bath with ANY additives, it’s best to talk to your child’s doctor first to determine the right amount and how often to use Epsom in your baby’s bath.

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