Knight Time

Knight Time

Knight Time

An equipping and engagement campaign for all men, young and old, fathers and sons, friends and brothers.

Event Explorations & Expeditions

Each man will have opportunities to explore and expedite his own unique and personal roles, relationships and responsibilities in light of God’s personal calling and the challenges of this day and age. Explorations and expeditions will include:

  • Who Are You?
  • Your Domain, Calling & Creed
  • Your Roles, Goals and Obstacles
  • Your Swords and Shields
  • Your 2017 Crusade

Event Assets

The table is set. Each man’s take will be commensurate with his give. Valuable assets and opportunities will include:

  • Shared vulnerability, vision and valor
  • Clarifying personal perspectives
  • Personally relevant equipping, resources and support

The fine print:

  • $100.00 Payable to Family God’s Way
  • Meals, facilities and provisions provided
  • Limited overnight accommodations available