God’s calling the last 25 years has been to cultivate relational discipleship that promotes the founding and strong growth of Biblical households through relational discipleship.

Thanks to hundreds and hundreds of people and joint venture partners, during that quarter century this calling has transformed into a full scale movement.

Seeking to continue advancing this movement through a model of sustainable replication, we offer the Body of Christ, life affirming ministries, individuals and organizations research based resources and equipping in the Jesus model of relational discipleship. Resources and equipping offered include:

  • Local replication of specific relational discipleship platforms in the US and internationally

  • Individually customized solutions and support

  • Recruiting, training & community engagement

In addition to Family God’s Way relational discipleship platforms, we also offer workshops and conferences in the fields of expertise God has shared with us. Like our platforms, our workshops and conferences are adaptable to meet the unique needs of people and organizations served.

Workshops focus on specific opportunities and can occur within the typical 1-3 hour workshop format. Conferences are more comprehensive and can typically occur within 4 hours to 4 days.

We encourage our US and international joint venture partners in this movement to consider how theses workshops and conferences might increase capacities and excellence. If you need a workshop or conference that you believe we might be well suited to provide, but do not see what you are looking for on the following list, ask us for it. We would be glad to work with you to meet the need.

More detailed descriptions available upon request. Workshop and conference titles and tagline appear on the next page. 


Conference & Workshop Options