Stuart Carver

Stuart Carver

Stuart Carver

About Stuart Carver

People who know Stuart may sometimes wonder if he was born 200 years too late.  His rugged independence and tenacious resolve would have blended well with Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery.  God’s perfect timing however, placed Stuart here and now where his determination and resourcefulness are needed characteristics in the battle for something greater than expanding a nation’s borders.  Stuart champions the Family God’s Way movement where people and relationships are the key catalyst in reviving Biblical households.

Stuart leads the innovative creation and replication of relational discipleship platforms that capture existing opportunities converting them into enduring Biblical households.  Platforms are designed for implementation locally, regionally and globally through the Body of Christ, organizations and individuals.

Stuart and his wife Vickie founded the Family God’s Way movement in 1993 and incorporated Family God’s Way, the non-profit organization, in 2003. Today, more than 700 individuals and over 160 organizations in the US and internationally have participated in the Family God’s Way movement.

Stuart & Vickie have been married since 1982. He is a father and grandfather and loves time with family and exploring the wilderness.

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