• Expanding the Family God’s Way movement

  • Engaging the Body of Christ

  • Equipping and engaging people in relational discipleship

  • Replicating locally owned, locally relevant replication of Family God’s Way platforms




Three things all people have in common.

  • We all have fathers and mothers

  • We are all vulnerable as children to the circumstances into which we are born

  • All children grow up and impact the family cycle


All people are engaged in the family cycle, the most powerful cycle on earth. The key catalysts of our ministry model are people and





In the Family God’s Way ministry model, portals represent opportunities. Opportunities to invite and engage people in relationships that will promote the founding and strong growth of Biblical households




In the Family God’s Way Ministry Model, platforms are venues where people gather to grow their families in God’s plan. We discover unique portals of opportunity, design and build platforms to meet those unique needs and replicate our platforms through the Body of Christ and other organizations.




A movement of family God’s way propelled by relational discipleship impacting generations of people