The Need

For the first time in human history the majority of children:

  • Mature into adulthood with inadequate exposure, experience and role modeling regarding their drive for intimate companionship.
  • Experience broken family structures.
  • Enter adulthood unprepared to properly engage in intimate companionship.

Young people are blamed for their poor choices but the root of the problem is actually the inadequate preparation these children experience for adulthood and relationships. From a generational perspective, many parents of adolescents are experiencing difficulty themselves in cultivating Biblical relationships and lifestyles making it difficult for them to train up their own children to do so. Because of this, much of our capacity to pass on traditional values and principles pertaining to Biblical relationships and lifestyles has been lost. Still, children are being procreated, growing up and inevitably craving intimate companionship.


Our Response

OneLIFE is a relational discipleship platform helping young people cultivate Biblical relationships and life styles. Modeled after the innovative 'Jigsaw' cooperative learning technique, OneLIFE discussions engage young participants in cooperative discovery as well as individual contribution. This approach, where participants play key roles in the learning experience, governs the maturity of the content while also engaging participants in real time concerns. During regular OneLIFE activities, teams of participants and mentors use a 'Crash Dummy' approach to propose and evaluate best case scenarios. This allows participants to think through common situations while only experiencing hypothetical risk which helps facilitate more meaningful and decisive decision making in the future.


  • Like minded ministries desiring to mentor and guide young people
  • Local volunteers interested in investing in the lives of young adults & their future families
  • Young people (13-23 yrs old) seeking friendship & support.


  • Young adults are already engaged in groups such as Younglife, Youth for Christ, Boys & Girls club or church youth groups
  • All of these young adults will eventually be faced with choices regarding intimate relationships.
  • Many are searching for guidance but have no one in their own homes to lead or mentor them.


  • Trained facilitators lead teams of participants & mentors through real life scenarios allowing decision making practices to take place in a safe environment.
  • Teams present & critique their outcomes with the group.
  • Open but guided discussion takes place around the topics presented in the OneLIFE discussion guide.
  • These scenarios & discussions focus on exploring best principles and practices for success in life and family
  • Role modeling, mentoring, support and encouragement occur between mentors and participants

Biblical Households

  • Building bridges for parents to their teens
  • Engaging young people in meaningful and decisive roles shaping their futures
  • Reducing date rape, STDs, unplanned pregnancy non-marital cohabitation and demand for abortion
  • Increasing the relational discipleship capacity of young people
  • Developing unique support networks