Platform Roles

Platform Roles

Platform Roles

Platform Roles


  • JV Partners

  • Facilitators

  • Family Coaches

  • Participants


JV Partners


JV Partners are people and organizations that host and otherwise provide volunteer, in-kind and cash support to implement and support independent local replications of Family God’s Way platforms.


JV Partner Roles can include:


  • Prayer teams

  • Organizational executives, staff and volunteers

  • Pregnancy Resource Center counselors

  • Licensed counselors

  • Advisors, trainer, and consultants

  • Professional and lay pastors

  • Churches and other faith based organizations

  • Community foundations

  • Educators

  • Businesses and service providers

  • Individuals and small groups

  • Community leaders

  • Guest speakers


Facilitators provide leadership for platform activities. Facilitators also lead discussions often using Family God’s Way discussion guides and tools. Family God’s Way discussion guides and tools are designed to be adapted and customized. Facilitators may also incorporate other resources. Facilitators may be single people or couples. Qualities of good facilitators include:

  • Humility and good communication skills

  • Ability to read audiences and adapt appropriately

  • Developing and maintaining a welcoming setting

  • Avoiding any sense of condemnation

  • Communicate the truth in love

Connect Biblical fundamentals to life principles


Family Coaches


Family Coaches are trained mentors who participate in platform activities. They are available as role models, mentors and may also assist in the facilitation of the meetings. Family Coaches are key catalysts in Family God’s Way platforms. Similar to Facilitators, key qualities in family coaching include:

  • Appropriate transparency

  • Being available and approachable during platform activities

  • Avoiding condemnation

  • Speaking the truth in love

  • Connecting Biblical fundamentals to life principles




Platform participants are people that regularly attend platform activities and can include:

  • Clients of pregnancy resource centers

  • Single men and women

  • Cohabitating couples

  • Married couples

  • Men and women who are want to be married

  • Peers and family members of pregnancy resource center clients