The following are a compilation of articles written by Family God's Way founder Stuart Carver. They are free to download for personal use. 


Family God's Way Articles

01 - The Family Cycle

All people have two things in common. All people have a mother and a father and all people are vulnerable as children into the circumstances they were born. These are the two raw ingredients of the most powerful and influential cycle in the world. The Family Cycle. 

02 - Family Cycle Infographic

Visual display to complement the article "The Family Cycle" 

03 - Family Structures

Family structure has a growing number of forms that are continually in motion. Since 1965 family structures in America have changed immensely.  This article explores different types of family structures found in the America today. 

04 - Fatherhood

Better to burn than turn? God created fathers with a specific purpose in mind and equipped them to fufill their unique roles in fatherhood. Learn more about what the Bible says about fatherhood. 

05 - Good Times

Non-profit work is a ‘team event’. How can non-profits and donors team up to continue meeting increasing needs in our communities during hard economic times?  

06 - Intelligent Design

God’s intelligent design of everything is so plainly evident that we have no excuse for doubting God. The Family God’s Way Intelligent Design Matrix is a process arranged to help us abide God’s call with the excellence His Name deserves. 

07 - Is God Real?

Is something only real if you can touch it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or hear it?

08 - Manna

The ‘Principle of the Manna’ is how we summarize the Family God’s Way approach to fearless use of God’s provisions as soon as reasonably possible.

09 - The One

 It doesn’t always feel like it is worth the effort when you have only a client or two or three who show up. Nevertheless, always remember the one. Just one, that’s all it takes to make it worth everything you do. The numbers grows larger each day… ‘one by one.’

10 - Tipping Points

A tipping point occurs when enough weight accumulates opposite of another connected weight to make the opposite weight change. By contrasting self-validating truths with traditionally common beliefs, people self-initiate transitions in heart-level beliefs that result in substantial changes in their behavior. These "tipping points" are key to the Family God's Way approach. 

11 - Roles, Relationships, Responsibilites

Since the greatest impacts in your life will come through your roles, relationships and responsibilities, wouldn’t it seem wise to give some consideration to what yours are? 

12 - Roles, Relationships, Responsibilites Worksheet

Worksheet to complement the Roles, Relationships, Responsibilites article

Birth of a Family Articles 

01 - Beliefs & Behaviors Connected

People do what they do becuase they believe what they believe. The direct connection between beliefs and behaviors affects one's behaviors and lifstyle choices. 

02 - Birth of My Family

A young mothers journey through an unexpected pregnancy

03 - Boys, Men and Babies

Family God’s Way is turning the tide of beliefs and behaviors of boys and men regarding their roles and responsibilities to the babies they father and families they serve.

04 - Cookie's Story

Cookie Gray, founder of LifeCare of Brandon, shares her story about Birth of a Family and finally reaching the fathers. 

05 - Father Absence

There is a common term going around. The term is ‘fatherlessness’. Is there really any such thing as fatherlessness? Has any child every been fatherless? Is it real?

06 - God Always Provides

The story of how God miraculously provided for a Birth of a Family implementation

07 - Interrupt Me

The suprising power of interruption

08 - Jordy

In 2007, a young unmarried couple with newborn twins began attending Birth of a Family group activities. Having experienced a very troubled and fatherless upbringing, Jordy, the father, was like many of the young fathers encountered through Birth of a Family. This is his story. 

09 - MIA Men

Many of the men missing from family circles today grew up in father absent homes themselves. Despite appearances to the contrary, something instinctive exists in virtually all men, that when stirred, is compelling.

10 - Mission Possible

Just as an iceberg is formed, one snowflake at a time, the disintegration of family structures that is in motion today didn't just happen in one day. Over time it accumulated, one family at a time. Family structures can also be repaired the same way: one family at a time. 

11 - Numbers

How would you numerically quantify the issues threatening life and family? Here are just a few examples.

12 - Top Ten

Top ten fathering facts 

13 - Women Don't Get Pregnant

Women don’t get pregnant. Fathers and mothers conceive.  Fathers and mothers who realize their pregnancy is the birth of a family will respond differently than those who merely think that women get pregnant.