NCF Resources

NCF Resources

NCF Resources

National Christian Foundation is one of the largest charities in the country. Our focus is to serve individuals, families and charities as their personal foundation. In addition to facilitating charitable giving via a donor advised fund, our team of experts specialize in unlocking complex asset gifts such as stock, real-estate holdings, and business interests (such as S-corps, C-corps, LLCs, etc.). We help givers reach their goals of social impact and increased joy of giving.

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02 - Charitable_Trust.pdf

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04 - Family_Money.pdf

05 - Generous Giving Equipping Guide.pdf

06 - Give_Stock_Save_Taxes_Give_More.pdf

07 - How_to_Give_Real_Estate.pdf

08 - IRA Charitable Rollovers.pdf

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10 - Questions to consider before preparing your will.pdf

11 - Simplify Your Giving Multiply Your Impact.pdf

12 - The Generous Business.pdf

13 - The Generous Family.pdf

14 - Using your real estate to fund ministry.pdf